Protection systems

Our shop offers a variety of top-quality industrial bump rails. These are professional safety barrier systems that will successfully fulfil their function in any hall – logistics, industrial, warehouse and more. They will protect all elements of the internal and external infrastructure from mechanical damage and provide employees with the desired comfort and safety at work.

All the industrial bumpers collected in this category are specialised items, meeting the expectations of the most demanding builders. They were created using a production process that complies with the highest standards. Based on high-density material and state-of-the-art FLEXsafe™ technology , they are characterised by their high strength yet flexibility. As a result, they effectively protect both the object being shielded and the machine they come into contact with from damage. The strong anchorage guarantees the stability of each individual industrial bumper. In turn, the relatively simple design and the limited number of interchangeable parts are a guarantee of quick and easy installation and replacement.

Thanks to the technology of complete tinting of the posts and guard rails, rather than just painting them ‘dry’, the products are characterised by a distinctive, long-lasting colour, resistant to fading when exposed to sunlight. This feature is also very important in the context of food safety. This is because Kingspan protection systems do not peel and are easy to clean, reducing the risk of a messy workplace. They perform excellently in a large temperature range, from -40°C to even +80°C, and therefore in all types of facilities found in the food supply chain, including cold stores and freezers.

Warehouse bump rails

Managing a hall is not the easiest of tasks. With Kingspan products, however, it becomes much simpler. This is because our warehouse bump rails effectively protect key passageways together with the products and machinery placed in them. This way, they streamline the work in the plant, which translates into greater efficiency for the entire team and thus increasing company profits.

Thanks to the variety and wide availability of Kingspan warehouse bump rails, it is possible to perfectly tailor the protection system to the needs of a specific site – with its unique characteristics of aisles, wall and column layouts and even shelving. This is all the more reason why we offer, among others, the modern KPS Barrier-S, KPS Barrier-D and KPS Barrier-H, which, in addition to their strength, flexibility and robust tinting, offer the option of height adjustment. They can therefore easily be adjusted to the level at which specific machines and equipment generate a risk of damage to walls and other hall components. Their usefulness will also not be diminished if there is a redesign within the warehouse.

Bump rails securing doors and gates are also proving to be of great value in the context of warehouses. They protect these strategic points of the traffic routes by surrounding them around the perimeter. In the Kingspan product catalogue they are available under the name KPSGoalpost. They are characterised by a unique component design, high impact resistance and flexibility, whereby they ‘bend’ under the weight of the vehicle or machine. The KPSGoalpost is customisable and manufactured to suit specific door sizes. It can be installed on a wide variety of surfaces, including sandwich panels and concrete.

Wall bumper

Interior walls and columns – these are protected by wall bumpers in the form of KPS Trim and KPS Posts. Suitable for both straight and corner walls. They are characterised by increased shock resistance and a design that allows the railing to fit tightly to the shape and size of the wall or column. They are extremely mobile protection systems – with a high degree of ease of installation that will also work well in the outdoor area of the warehouse and many other facilities. Wall bumpers effectively protect against minor and major damage, including dirt, scratches and dents. Thus, they contribute to maintaining order and safety in the workplace. We supply them in 2 metre lengths and in a variety of heights – to maximise their suitability for your business.

Steel bumpers

Kingspan SafeDefence – as this is the name of the group of products collected here – is made from the highest quality materials: a metal cantilever with a shell made from high-performance high-density polyethylene. The material has been tested and certified as effective in protecting people and structures from machine impacts. Impact tests of the steel bumpers we offer were carried out by the renowned University of Mechanical Engineering and Architecture in Zaragoza (Spain). It showed that our professional protection systems protect against impacts better than any other product on the market. Kingspan SafeDefence are second to none! And they can support your business increasing safety and comfort today.

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