KS1200 RF C

53.70  per 1 m2

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The KS 1200 RF C wall panel has an advanced coating and K-Roc® mineral wool insulating core. The core provides fire safety. The standard external coating is polyester (PES), and the internal layer is polyester (PEI). Other optional coatings are available in the data sheet.

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Additional information

KS1200 RF C is a wall panel with a K-Roc® mineral wool insulating core and standard exposed fasteners.

  • the panels can be installed on external and internal walls and on the ceiling
  • high fire resistance, provide a non-bearing structure for fire spread reduction
  • good sound reduction, Rw 30 dB
  • for all building types, except for low internal temperature rooms (below 0°C)
Available thickness range

The standard panel length is from two to nine metres (max. 14.3 m). Panels shorter than two metres are cut on site. Please contact our Customer Service regarding longer panels.

Standard Kingspan Colours – Folder

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M (micro) – external profile






E (Euro) – external profile






Q (minibox) – external profile






B (Box) – external profile






F (flat) – external profile






Q (minibox) – internal profile






B (Box) – internal profile






F (flat) – internal profile

Kingspan insulation composite panels are made of top quality materials using the latest manufacturing technologies. They conform to strict quality control requirements and ISO 9001:2015 standards. Durability and reliability guaranteed.

Building regulations
Kingspan KS1200 RF C insulation composite panels are manufactured in accordance with applicable building regulations and standards and conform to the requirements in the harmonised European standard PN EN 14509: Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels – Factory made products – Specifications.

Kingspan’s warranty is granted for each project separately, taking into consideration the specific application, environmental corrosiveness, and the selected coating type.

Although we publish information provided by Kingspan on its websites assuming they are accurate, complete, and true, you should not make your decision in particular circumstances based on them. Any advice, opinions, information, or other content are published on the websites with the proviso that Kingspan, its employees, and authors of the websites are not liable for any damage resulting from the use of the information from the websites.

Acts of law, regulations, standards, ordinances, certificates, reports, and other legal documents are subject to change. Should you need additional and valid information, do not hesitate to contact Kingspan’s technical department.

Standard packaging for road transport
KS1000 AF are placed on polystyrene blocks or wooden pallets. The sides are protected with polystyrene boards. The package is wrapped in polyethylene.
The number of panels in a package depends on their thickness (see the table below). The number of panels in packages that are longer than the longest standard panels is reduced proportionally. The standard pallet height is 1,100 mm. The maximum pallet weight is 3,000 kg.

Panel insulating core thickness









Panels in package






7 6


Kingspan – Products

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Kingspan KS1150 RF C – Datasheet [EN]

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Kingspan Wall & Roof Panels Load Span Tables [EN]

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