Renewable Electricity Warehouse

Chemnitz, Germany

Today, 33% of Germany’s total energy demand is covered by energy from renewable sources. Energy storage facilities of this type therefore not only ensure stable distribution, but also compensate for potential fluctuations in network voltage.

In their search for energy efficient building materials, the architects responsible for this project chose Kingspan AWP composite panels.

The sloping façade and roof elements combined with the aluminum grey surface of the Kingspan panels gave the building a modern, crystalline appearance.

“Because there are only a few buildings of this type, the planning and design were particularly challenging. In addition, high fire protection requirements had to be met,” explains Matthias Schodlok, the architect responsible for the project at Adobe Architekten + Ingenieure GmbH

The building houses batteries with a total capacity of 15. 9 MWh, which equates to approximately 46,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year that would otherwise be produced in conventional power plants and released into the atmosphere. The architects have placed great emphasis on using environmentally friendly building materials. The company strives to achieve Zero Waste Energy status and Kingspan composite panel components are recycled.

Kingspan panels also have increased heat insulation compared to other systems. QuadCore® core, thanks to its fire resistant properties, has been approved by the American insurer FM Global.

“Kingspan panels have allowed us to store renewable energy in an even more sustainable and secure way,” said Schodlok.

  • Location: Chemnitz, Germany
  • Year of construction:2017
  • Products:KS1000 AWP Quadcore