Shop regulations

I. General information

These Regulations specify the rules of use of the online store operated under the domain , in particular the technical conditions for the provision of services by the online store and making purchases of goods through it, their delivery to the client, making payments for the ordered goods, as well as termination and withdrawal from the contract.

II. Definitions

The following terms in these Terms and Conditions have the following meanings:
1) Seller – Kingspan OU with its registered office in Tallinn, at Mustamäe tee 55, 10621 Tallinn, Register No. 11459813.
2) Regulations – this document setting out the principles for the provision of Services by the Store.
3) Internet Shop / Store – Internet trading platform located at , which sells goods in Estonia.
4) Customer – a natural person with full legal capacity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, with legal capacity, using the Online Store or making purchases in the Online Store.
5) Consumer – customer, who is a natural person making purchases at the Online Store to the extent not directly related to his/her business or professional activities.
6) Services – all services performed by the Seller for the benefit of Customers in order to implement the contract with the Customer concluded in the Store.
7) Goods – all material components included in the Seller’s offer, which may be the subject of the contract of sale concluded between the Seller and the Client, manufactured to the individual order of the Client, according to the specification set out by the Client.
8) Form – a form, through which the Customer gives data necessary for registration and setting up an Account in the Store or makes an Order.
9) Order – Customer’s declaration of will, aiming directly at concluding a Sales Agreement, specifying detailed specification of Goods according to individual needs of the Customer and data included in the Form. For the purposes of these Regulations, an Order shall also mean Goods being sold to the Customer.
10) Account – a technically and organizationally separated section of the Store’s website consisting of an e-mail address and a password, which enables the Customer to purchase Goods and which contains data on the Customer and his/her order history (placed orders, invoices). You are responsible for ensuring that all information entered when creating an Account is correct, complete and up-to-date.

III. Technical requirements

1. In order to use the Online Store by the Customers, it is necessary to have access to the Internet and to have a device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone or other) on which the Internet browser Internet Explorer in version at least 11. 0 or later, Microsoft Edge v. 42. 0 or later, Google Chrome in version 72. 0 or later or Mozilla Firefox in version at least 65.0, Safari 12. 0 or later (for Mac OS), and for mobile devices: Safari Mobile for iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad with Retina Display (iOS 7. 0 or later), Safari Mobile for iPhone 4. 0 or later; iOS 7 or later, Chrome for Android 4. 0 or later, or any other browser equivalent to those listed above. Your browser should be configured to support cookies and Java Script.
2. The client should have a properly configured and active e-mail account.
3. In order to properly provide the Services, the Seller uses cookies (information stored by the server on the Client’s computer, which are read at each connection of the Internet browser). The indicated files are necessary for proper provision of services by the Seller. Cookies can be deleted by the Client at any time from the memory of his computer. The customer can also at any time change the settings of his browser not to accept such files. For more information, please refer to the Privacy Policy available in the Store.

IV. Offer

1. Goods offered by the Seller in the Store are brand new, manufactured each time according to individual customer order and specifications provided to the Seller, meeting technical and legal requirements.
2. The Seller may also offer used Goods, of which the Client shall be informed in the description of the Goods.
3. The Store takes reasonable care to ensure that pictures of the Goods reflect their color, shape and texture. The colors of the Goods in the photos, due to different screen resolution on which the photos are displayed or the use of flash, may vary slightly from reality. For this purpose the Shop always includes, apart from a photo, a description of the Goods together with a description of its color. In case of doubt, the Customer should contact the Store.
4. All prices of the Goods given are expressed in Euro and are net prices (not including VAT).
5. The price does not include delivery costs, which are added to the final cost of the Order depending on the method of delivery chosen by the Customer, the value of the Order and the promotions relating to delivery costs in force on the day of the order.
6. When placing an Order, the Customer shall be informed about the delivery costs, which together constitute the value of the Order. The total price, including taxes, of the Goods being the subject of the Order, as well as delivery costs (including fees for transport, bringing in, etc.) and other costs, and if the amount of these fees cannot be determined – the obligation to pay them, the Customer shall be informed on the pages of the Store in the course of placing the Order, including at the latest at the moment of expressing by the Customer the will to be bound by the contract of sale.
7. Information about Goods placed on the store’s website are only an invitation to submit offers within and do not constitute an offer within the meaning. The Client, placing an Order, makes an offer to buy specific Goods offered by the Store, providing the Seller with a detailed specification of the Goods that he intends to purchase.
8. After placing an order, the Customer receives an automatically generated e-mail from the Seller confirming that the order has been registered. This e-mail is not tantamount to a statement of acceptance of the offer by the Seller and the conclusion of the contract of sale. The contract of sale shall be concluded after confirmation by the Seller of the possibility and date of production of the Goods according to specifications defined by the Client and acceptance of the Buyer’s offer, which shall be confirmed by a separate e-mail sent together with a pro-forma invoice to the Buyer.
9. The Seller reserves the right to change prices of Goods on offer, introducing new Goods to the offer on the Store’s website or making changes in them, which shall not affect Orders accepted for execution. The Store ships the Goods from Poland.
10. The product parameters marked by default in each product are the guideline for the initial order, if the customer expects a product with certain parameters he/she has to change/select the parameters and place the order. Without changing the product parameters it will be produced and delivered in the initial parameters, selected by default.

V. Orders

1. In order to place an Order, the Client shall select Goods according to individual needs and provide the Seller with detailed specification of the Goods that he/she intends to purchase, including (e. g. type, color, dimensions, size of packaging, etc. ) and select “Add to cart”, and then he/she can return to select subsequent Goods or proceed to finalize the order by selecting “Proceed to payment”.
2. In order to complete the Order, the Customer should provide his/her data. He can do this by registering to an Account, for this purpose providing his data and e-mail address and password or by filling out the Form after choosing the Goods.
3. In the case of subsequent purchases in the Store, a Customer who has an Account shall log in using the previously provided e-mail address and the password assigned by himself.
4. In order to conclude a contract, the Customer should provide his/her personal data in the Form, which he/she fills in when creating an Account or completing an Order:
a. name or surname,
b. postal address of residence or registered office,
c. e-mail address,
d. Tax number identification . (in case of persons purchasing for the purpose of business activity)
e. date of birth (in case of Consumers),
f. telephone number,
g. a password to the Account chosen by themself (in the case of creating an Account).
5. The Customer shall also provide the delivery address, if different from the residential or business address indicated in the Form, and for billing purposes the invoice address. Sending incomplete or incorrect data in the Registration Form and the delivery address may prevent the execution of the Order by the Customer, for which the Seller is not responsible
6. In the case of ambiguities concerning the Client’s data given in the Form (in particular concerning the Client’s data preventing the delivery of Goods), the Seller shall contact the Client in order to clarify them. In the absence of obtaining clarification from the Client, the Seller may refuse to confirm and implement the Order, of which the Seller is obliged to immediately notify the Client.
7. After completing the data in the Form and specifying the delivery address, the Client selects the way of collecting the Goods by one of the courier companies or directly at the place indicated by the Seller, and then selects payment in accordance with Section VI of the Terms and Conditions. In order to carry out the Order, the Customer should accept the Shop Regulations and Privacy Policy.

VI. Payment methods

1. When placing an Order, the Customer has the right to choose the following methods of payment, depending on his or her preferences:
a. Bank transfer – a transfer of the amount due to the Seller’s bank account number: IE50DABA95182370022586, conducted by DANSKE BANK A/S S. A
b. Payment by payment card, electronic wallet or bank transfer – via the platform of the settlement agent (payment operator PayPro S. A. (PayPro) -, based in Poznan Poland, ul. Kanclerska 15 (60-327), entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court in Poznan Nowe Miasto and Wilda, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000347935, NIP number 7792369887, with a share capital of 4,500,000. 00 PLN, fully paid up, and in the Register of National Payment Institutions kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority under number UKNF IP24/2014. , under the rules set forth in the terms of service of this company.
2. If you select bank transfer, specified in paragraph 1. a. of this section as a method of payment, the order is processed only after the price and shipping costs are credited to the Store’s account.
3. The payment by bank transfer referred to in point 1 a should be made within 7 days of placing the Order. If the payment is not made within 7 days from the date of placing the Order, the Customer will receive information from the Store via e-mail with a reminder to make the payment. If the Customer does not make payment for the Order within 14 days from the date of placing the Order, the Order will be cancelled (the Shop has the right to withdraw from the contract) and the Customer will receive an e-mail with information about the cancellation of the Order.
4.For each Good or range of Goods purchased in the Store, a VAT invoice shall be issued, which shall be delivered to the Client at the moment of the Goods collection (in case of personal collection by the Client) or sent to the e-mail address specified in the Form at the moment of the Goods delivery to the carrier.
5. Due to the automatic issuance of invoices by the Shop’s system, in the event that the Customer has requested a VAT invoice and has not provided his/her VAT number at the stage of registration or placing an Order, the invoice may not contain it.

VII. Shipping

1. The Goods can be collected by the Client in person (including by a person authorized by the Client) in a location indicated by the Seller or will be delivered in Estonia by a courier company.
2. The cost of delivery via courier depends on the size, weight and type of the Goods and the place of delivery.
3. The Shop informs the Customer about the cost of delivery each time before the Order is placed by the Customer.
4. The cost of delivery is an additional cost to the price of the Goods and is added to it.
5. All shipments sent to the customer are properly packed and insured.

VIII. Lead time

1. The order is transferred for execution after the conclusion of the contract in the Store.
2. Order processing time includes the time of production of the Goods according to the specification provided to the Seller by the Client, preparation of the Goods for shipment, and delivery time.
3. The Goods shall be prepared for shipment within no more than 30 days from the date of conclusion of the agreement in the Store, and if, due to the specification of the Goods ordered by the Customer, performance of the agreement within this period is not possible, the time of realization of the Order may be extended, of which the Customer shall be informed by the person accepting the Order.
4. The exact date of preparation of the Order for shipment and the date of delivery indicated by the carrier shall be communicated to the Customer during verification of the Order by the Store (via e-mail to the address indicated in the Form), in accordance with Section 8 of Chapter IV.
5. The status of an order can be checked on the Store’s website by a Customer with an Account in the “Order history” tab available after logging in to an individual Customer account. A customer who does not have an account will be notified in accordance with Section 4 of this Section.

IX. Delivery

1. The moment of delivery of the Goods shall be the moment of handing over the Goods to the Client or a person authorized by him by the carrier. Proof of delivery of the Goods shall be a delivery document or a waybill signed by the Client or a person authorized by the Client.
2. The Seller shall be liable for any damage to the Goods that occurred in transit.
3. In view of the content of item 2 above, the Client, by accepting the Regulations, agrees that the Seller shall be entitled to all possible claims against the carrier related to the loss, damage, defect related to the delivery or delay in delivery of the Goods.

X. Complaints, warranty

1. The Customer may file a complaint regarding the functioning of the Store (including the functioning of the Account) within 30 days from the date on which defects or interruptions in the functioning of the Store occurred. A complaint should be made in electronic form by sending a message through the form in the “Report a problem” tab. In the complaint, the Customer should provide: his/her name and surname or company name, correspondence address, type and date of occurrence of the reasons for the complaint.
2. The complaint will be reviewed by the Store within no more than 14 days from the date of its receipt. The Customer will be immediately informed of the results of the complaint review.
3. In the case of a legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality, any action of this entity can be performed only by a person who is authorized to act on behalf of the entity to use the Store and to exercise all the rights and obligations of the entity as a customer. The Seller shall be liable to the Customer being the Consumer if the Goods sold have a physical or legal defect (warranty).
4. The Seller shall, within 14 (fourteen) calendar days, respond to the Customer’s complaint under the warranty and notify the Customer about the further procedure.
5. In order for the Seller to consider the complaint, referred to in passage 4 of this Section, the Client should deliver the Goods or Goods complained of, together with the proof of purchase of these Goods / Goods (copy of the receipt, confirmation of bank transfer, etc.). to the Seller and a description of the complaint. It is recommended that the Customer provide in the description of the complaint: (1) information and circumstances relating to the subject of the complaint, in particular the type and date of occurrence of the defect; (2) request for the manner of bringing the Goods into conformity with the Sales Agreement or a declaration on price reduction or withdrawal from the Sales Agreement; and (3) contact details of the complainant – this will facilitate and expedite handling of the complaint by the Seller. The requirements set forth in the preceding sentence are in the form of a recommendation only and shall not affect the effectiveness of claims submitted without the recommended description of the claim.
6. In the case of considering the complaint in favor of the Client – the Seller shall immediately replace the defective Goods with Goods free from defects, or, if possible, remove the defect (does not apply to used Goods, in relation to which it is only possible to reduce the price or withdraw from the agreement). This does not affect the possibility of the Customer to make a declaration of price reduction or withdrawal from the contract in accordance with applicable regulations. In the absence of the possibility of replacement of the Goods, removal of defects in the Goods or reduction in price, the Seller shall promptly return the amount due in accordance with applicable law.
7. If, in order for the Seller to respond to the Client’s complaint or exercise the Client’s rights under warranty, it is necessary to deliver the Goods to the Seller, the Client shall be requested by the Seller to deliver the Goods at the Seller’s expense.
8. The Client shall bear the costs of repeated delivery of Goods after the complaint has been considered in the case of unjustified use of the warranty (negative consideration of the complaint resulting from the warranty by the Seller).

9. The warranty referred to in sec. 4-8 of this Section against the Client purchasing the Goods for the purpose directly connected with his/her professional or business activity (Client who is not a Consumer) is excluded.
10. The Producer of the Goods shall grant 12 month warranty for new delivered Goods, counting from the date of delivery of the Goods, covering physical defects of the Goods resulting from production or material defects. In the event of revealing a defect of the Goods, the Client is obliged to report the complaint to the Seller through the “Report a problem” tab and deliver the Goods together with the warranty card to the address given by the Seller. The Warrantor under the guarantee will replace the Goods with new ones or will make repairs. Within 14 days of receiving the Product from the Customer, the Seller shall notify of the date of repair or replacement or refusal of benefits under the guarantee. Rights arising from the guarantee do not limit and do not exclude the right of the Consumer to complain about the Goods under warranty.
11. The rights under warranty and guarantee do not apply if the defect was caused by improper installation of the Goods or their use contrary to the intended use or the manufacturer’s instructions.

XI. Exclusion of the customer’s right to withdraw from a distance contract

Goods included in the seller’s offer are manufactured according to individual specifications provided to the seller by the customer, consumers are not entitled to withdraw from the contract concluded with the seller on the basis of the order placed.

XII. Payment returns

1. The Seller will return the amount paid by the Customer in case:
a) withdrawal from the contract by the Customer on the basis of the provisions of point 10 of Section V of the Regulations,
b) withdraw the order in whole or in part, in accordance with Section V. 12 of the Regulations,
c) acceptance of the complaint and inability to repair the damaged Goods or replace them with new ones.
2. The amount due will be refunded to the Buyer using the same method of payment used by the Customer, unless the Customer has expressly agreed to a different method of refund.
3. In the event that the return in the manner specified above is not possible, the Seller shall call the Customer to provide the data necessary for the return.
4. If the payment for the Order was made by the Customer from a bank account, payment card or credit card that did not belong to him, the refunded amount shall be transferred to the holder of the bank account, payment card or credit card with which the Customer made the payment.
5. The amount due shall be reimbursed immediately, however no later than within 14 days of the event giving rise to the reimbursement.

XIII. Prohibited content

1. When using the Online Store and its Services, the Customer may not provide unlawful content, including vulgar content and content that violates the personal rights of the Store, contractors or third parties. The customer is obliged to refrain from interfering with the content of the Internet shop and undertaking any other actions that could affect the proper functioning of the Internet shop.
2. The Customer is entitled to use the Online Store in accordance with its purpose.

XIV. Personal data

1. Personal data of customers or persons authorized by the customer will be processed in accordance with the privacy policy in force in the store.
2. The customer is informed by the seller about the purposes, methods, scope and legal basis of the personal data processed in the store, as well as about any rights to which the customer is entitled before they are provided.

XV. Applicable law, jurisdiction, out-of-court dispute resolution

1. In matters relating to disputes between the Seller and the Customer who is a Consumer, the competent court is a common court of law under law. In matters relating to disputes between the Seller and the Customer who is not a Consumer, the competent court is a common court of law according to the seat of the Seller.

XVI. Contact

1. All written correspondence should be sent to the address of the Store, unless the representative of the Store in writing or by e-mail indicates a different address to the Customer.
2. The Customer may also contact the Store using a contact form placed on the Store’s website, as well as by e-mail at or by telephone at +372 651 6661

XVII. Final provisions

1. The Seller has the right to organize promotional and sales actions. Detailed terms and conditions of promotional actions are each time specified in promotional regulations placed on the website of the Store A limited number of Goods is intended for sale in promotional campaigns. Orders placed by Customers shall be executed in the order of their placement until stocks covered by a given promotional action are exhausted. Individual promotional actions and sales in the Store do not merge, unless the regulations of a given promotional action or sale state otherwise.
2. The Seller may amend these Terms and Conditions. The change becomes effective on the date indicated by the Seller on the website of the Store, with the reservation that the provisions of the previously effective Regulations shall apply to Orders placed before the change comes into force.